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I wasn't much of a reader growing up but I loved pictures and how they told a story.  I loved looking through my mother's old photo albums of when her and my dad were young.  Their clothes and hairdos told a story of what it was like growing up in their era.

A girl should be two things 
*Classy & Fabulous*
~Coco Chanel

Hi I'm Kelly Lynne, I'm so glad you stopped by.  I specialize in high school seniors & teen photography.  I'm a story teller and I want to tell your story.  I believe everyone is unique and has a story to share.  My sessions are customized around you!  I feel blessed to do what I love everyday and the opportunity to get to know so many amazing teens & parents.  

It's your time to shine

Hello Gorgeous

Kelly's favourite things

Hi I'm the guy behind the scenes.  I capture the part others don't get to see unless they follow us on snapchat or IG.  I'm also the guy lugging all the stuff around and holding the lights and reflectors wherever my mother tells me to hold them, haha.  She's the boss lady!  We love working together and creating lasting memories for you to cherish.  


Hi I'm the girl behind the camera!  I am truly blessed to love what I do and to get to meet so many amazing people.  Getting to help others see their beauty inside and out is the best feeling ever.  This world is always trying to crush us down but the Lord wants to lift us up.  You are wonderfully made but a creator that loves you so very much, let me show you how He sees you.  It will be my honor.  


Your story is our passion


Our manifesto

For one moment, walk outside, stand there in silence, look up at the sky and contemplate how amazing life is!

sooths the soul

01. Sunsets & Nature


Our manifesto

I think if you can dance and be free and not embarrassed, you can rule the world.
~Amy Poehler

sing & dance like nobody is watching

02. Music & Dancing


Our manifesto

Don't shine so that others can see you, shine so that through you others can see Him!

oh how he loves me!

03. God-my heavenly father


O1. be inspiring

Kelly is incredible.  she is not only a gifted photographer, but she makes me feel at ease in front of the camera. Somehow she manages to create photographs that truly represent who I am. She goes above & beyond her profession to get to know each and every person that steps into the spotlight.  Kelly inspires me.  And she is one of those people who is not just my photographer, but my friend.  Her photography showcases her heart to serve and I am so blessed to know her.   
~Sarah Trombley 

Kelly is such an amazing photographer.  I booked Kelly to take my senior photos and could not have had a better experience.  From her pricing and expertise, everything was perfect!  She creates a comfortable atmosphere in order to capture the perfect picture of who you are.  I was so pleased with h ow everything turned out, and could not have asked for a better photographer!
~Brooke Anderson

To say Kelly is an amazing photographer would be a severe understatement.  She is not only the best photographer, but she is also one of the best people you will ever meet.  I had never liked getting my picture taken and I was always so nervous for a photoshoot.  But Kelly made everything feel so natural and laid back so I had a blast!  Not only was I beyond pleased with the on site experience, but the way the photos came out were simply incredible.  I had never felt more beautiful and confident because I could see the real me shining through the pictures.  Kelly recognizes the beauty in everything, and she's talented enough to be able to show people the beauty she sees in them.
~Kiana Beam




hear OUR words

2017 KLF
Rolemodel team

Love my new rolemodel team for the 2016-2017 school year.  Each of these girls are just beautiful inside and out.  They are born leaders and are involved in their schools academically and socially.  Follow my blog, IG and Snapchat for all the behind the scenes action and for some amazing images.  Also if you know these beautiful ladies and you are a high school senior talk to them about how you can get your photos done with KLF and receive 10% off your order.  Enjoy the video from their Punk Rock Princess Shoot.  




Wallet Tin w/wallets
25 Grad Cards
$200 Print Credit


($403 value)

Tall - $375

20X24 Canvas
10 High Res Images
Wallet Tin w/wallets
$250 Print Credit


($1053 value)

Grande - $760


10X10 Album
16X20 Signing Board
All High Res Images
$300 Print Credit

Venti - $1295

your investment


($1730 value)

Within 7-10 days you will come to my home office to view your images in a custom designed slideshow created just for you.  This will give you an opportunity to view and touch our products so you can decide how you will display your favorite images in your home. 

+ What happens after my photoshoot?

Great question, we will have either a in person or over the phone consultation to go over what to wear and accessories to bring.  

+ What should I bring to my session?

+ How long will the session be?

That will depend on which session you book: the Natural session is up to 1 hour long and the Styled session is up to 2 hours long.

Most students book their senior session over the summer between their junior and senior year, book as soon as possible because dates fill up fast.  Summer and Fall are nice because the days are long and my calendar is more open.  Come winter and spring the days are shorter and my calendar is only open on the weekends.

+ When is the best time to schedule my senior session?

so little time






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